The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Access to your IT infrastructure is therefore undergoing a dramatic transformation. More traffic is being generated by more devices, running more bandwidth-hungry applications and causing serious capacity constraints.

Along with this, complexity is increasing in terms of management and security. Yet, how your people access the network will be key to enabling trends such as the Internet of Things, enterprise mobility, and workspaces for tomorrow.


Perch can help you address your bottleneck issues both at tactical and strategic levels with our wireless offering as below:

  • Enterprise Mobility Development Model – Through a consultative engagement, we help you address your concerns and strategic objectives, as well as understand the impact of these on your environment.
  • Managed Services for Enterprise Net​works​ – We focus on your wireless local area network (LAN) to ensure the effective operation of your access network, help you improve service levels, and reduce costs, allowing your critical IT resources to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Location analytics – We help you track users’ movements and behaviors – whether employees or customers – to make your business proactive and create revenue opportunities.
  • Traditional capex solutions – We provide you with the required wireless hardware and attach various professional and/or managed services.
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