Virtualisation is firmly entrenched in  the strategies of IT leaders. Like many organisations, it’s likely that cost savings and the containment of capex spend were the initial driving forces behind the uptake of virtualisation in your business.

But other drivers are now emerging: virtualisation improves business continuity and resilience, and can assist you in disaster recovery preparations. How can virtualisation position your business for cloud computing? How can you harness the power of virtualisation to reduce operational costs and improve automation?

Virtualisation is also moving beyond the server and storage domains. Desktop virtualisation is on the fast track to mainstream adoption. How can desktop virtualisation help you manage device proliferation … and operate more effectively and securely in today’s mobile, user-centric workspace? How can it streamline your application and operating system upgrades?

Our server and storage virtualisation solutions will enable you to:

  • reduce capex expenditure
  • improve the availability of workloads
  • trim operating costs, through consolidation and / or elimination of physical servers
  • improve your readiness to take advantage of cloud models
  • be more agile and change  your infrastructure to support new demands from the business and users
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