Network Performance Optimization

Your network is under pressure to balance cost and performance. Everything from enterprise mobility; to the convergence of voice, video and data; to cloud computing adds to its already heavy workload. Providing a consistently excellent end-user experience on a myriad of devices, across many different networks, and on applications that are everywhere is the new performance paradigm.

But how do you know what traffic is running across your network? Where are your performance bottlenecks, and how do you improve? Perch’s network performance optimisation services provide not only the visibility you need, but also the help you require to accelerate your network’s ability to deliver true business value.

Network Optimisation Assessment – We help you gain a detailed understanding of your current network traffic patterns, which pinpoints areas of the network that will benefit most from a performance optimisation solution.

A range of best-practice network optimisation solutions​ – We help you accelerate and ​​optimise access to applications through designing a performance strategy, processes, and measurements that take all the various technology options into account:

  • bandwidth management
  • protocol acceleration and optimisation
  • accelerated file services
  • compression
  • caching​
  • content management
  • offload services
  • server load balancing
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