Technical & Support services

Proactive Support Services

A managed service provider proactively manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. We now offer a wide variety of managed service plans to fit your IT needs.

With traditional reactive IT support you would have to contact us when something isn’t working quite right. This means, however, that the issue has already presented itself and typically leads to downtime, or even damage to your company’s IT infrastructure, costing you precious time and money trying to fix the issue.

Perch is moving away from this old model of reactive support, and moving into the future of IT services with proactive support as a part of our new managed services. Proactive support enables us to constantly monitor your IT systems and ensure that they are running optimally. This means that instead of waiting for an issue to reveal itself we can alert customers to problems before they arise, and implement solutions as soon as possible. Being proactive allows us to provide you with ongoing support on all your IT systems. By providing such services as cloud backups, 24×7 monitoring of IT systems, and unlimited help desk support, we can decrease overall downtime of your business.

If you’re interested in saving time and money for you business, and stopping issues BEFORE they cause problems, then you’ll want Perch Managed Services on your side.

Technical Services

Reduce complexity with innovative technical services that transcend traditional support models. We provide proactive, pre-emptive technical services for hardware, software, multi vendor solutions, and network environments. Our team enhances IT operations, helping to ensure your IT works simply, consistently, and securely to keep your business running smoothly.

Our various technical service offering includes:

  • Product support: Resolve issues faster and reduce downtime, hardware replacement and digital support resources.
  • Software Support: Get the support you need to protect your software investment.
  • Solution Support: Resolve solution-level issues 40 percent faster than product support alone.
  • Network-Level Support: Take advantage of personalized support to reduce business disruption and increase operational efficiency.