Digitization has changed the way businesses were run in all industries and business segments. In this digital age, companies are exposed to the constant pressure of reinventing themselves. Digital transformation is influenced by technology innovation, customer behavior, demand and external factors. This is the time when business leaders have to reshape organizations to drive change and take advantage of the strategic assets for successful digitization transformation.

Digital disruptions offer a rich opportunity to deliver on core strategy and to use technology to operate smarter and faster. Perch’s Advisory and Consulting services are aimed at customers across all industries, regions and growth stages. We offer our customers with industry expertise and the solutions for successful business transformation while leveraging the wealth of data from digital activities to provide the customer with heightened convenience and customization.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Enterprise Architecture Consulting services enable efficient business and IT transformations and creates platform for your business success.

Businesses and public organization are increasingly digitalized. Transformation requires big picture view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information and technology assets. Enterprise architecture work aims to business and IT alignment with rational, fast to change and cost effective structures.

With Perch’s Enterprise Architecture Consulting services you build your platform for business execution with industry best practices in all enterprise architecture viewpoints.

We can help you from vision setting and strategic choices all the way to practical implementation of your business execution platform. We can support you also in enterprise security and SOA/Integration development.

Architecture Management Office (AMO)

AMO service provides the Customer with rapid capability development for architecture development including evaluation, planning, designing and implementation of the enterprise architecture. It is a process that covers all relevant and selected architectural architecture development areas for the customer and integrates with customer’s own AMO.

Value for the customer

  • Flexibility – You buy just what you need, you can upscale and downscale
  • Competence E2E – Huge amount of methodologies, templates and consultants are available for you when you need them, not just individual with limitations of one person
  • Results – Perch can successfully take full responsibility in different architecture development and governance areas, small and big
  • Value for money – We bring lessons learned of the big organization, not just one consultant,  cost of the service is very reasonable compared to outcome
  • Understanding your situation – Experience has shown that in AMO set up the resources very quickly knows your business and IT in extremely good level
  • Suitable for purpose – If you have your own AMO already, we integrate to it and expand it as well as do to other available processes you already have in your organization
  • High speed – We lift your architectural capability up in a very short time in the areas you need it

Advisory Services

Capitalizing on opportunities and navigating the regulatory environment can be a challenge in today’s operating environment. At Perch, we strive to make it easier for you to focus on your core business functions. Our advisory services support your operations, safeguard your business and help you stay in compliance. We provide guidance and best practices for your unique needs. From risk management to fraud prevention, we have experience working with the multitude of opportunities and challenges that may come your way. The personalized, attentive service we deliver helps you secure your marketplace position and achieve your goals.


  • Business Transition & Succession Services: A well-defined business transition strategy simplifies the changeovers your business may encounter.
  • Corporate Recovery: Our specialists work with you to provide turnaround and restructuring advisory, bankruptcy support and transitional consulting.
  • Risk Advisory: We provide risk assessments and remediation related to cybersecurity and internal controls and assist with cost recovery, credit risk and other risk management services.
  • Technology Consulting: Perch works with some of the most trusted providers of Technology softwares to provide technology and service solutions.

Project & Programme Management

As your delivery partner on business change programmes of every shape and size, we help shape your change agenda and drive results. Working alongside your key staff, within your team, across your organisation, we supply hands-on programme and project managers, support functions and trusted advisors to support programme governance.

All our project management consultants are qualified practitioners and we focus our experience into developing our consultants to focus on successful delivery.

We ensure our client’s particular environments and organisations are tackled appropriately and effectively. Confidence of outcomes is increased, risk reduced and quality guaranteed because we understand your business and work closely with you.

Perch specialises in delivering total solutions to Enterprise and MSME clients. This requires effective project management, supply chain management and an in-depth understanding of technical integration challenges. This way we help our clients to minimise risk and to deliver technically challenging programmes from different locations.

We also provide extensive project and programme management for major communications and systems installations, supporting clients with technical, procurement, planning and support services

Our processes are defined and designed to cause minimal disruption to our client’s normal business operations and each step of the process is subject to service level agreements with our client, and measured against key performance indicators.